140 Online Media is an Enhancement Advertising Agency ; considered as "SAE" company. 140 Online Media is an Expert Marketing Agency ; that is the exclusive agent which is responsible of the propaganda and maximization the utilization of E- Commerce Services of 140 Online.com ; the hugest , biggest professional Egyptian Business Directory. 140 Online.com Business Directory is one of InfoSoft "LTD" company business chain.

Our mission is maximize utilization of E – Commerce services in the Egyptian Market..


140 Online Media is a creative advertising firm; we implement our experience to embrace the new & the un expected. 140 Online Media is a combination between the customer firsthand – knowledge of his client & his competition and our 140 online Media obsession with branding strategies, interactive web solutions and creative quantifiable results.

Company Overview

140 Online Media is an Enhanced Marketing Solutions; that has an extensive expertise in the “E – Commerce Specialties“ that based us in the demanded features by all the companies, we created innovative applications that are matching to all scales.

Maximize Utilization of E – Commerce services in the Egyptian Market.

Why 140online?

Why 140online? 140 Online means achieving links between the seller and buyer in a single step; due to the ability to search for all products and services in the largest directory and database in Egypt. Where the site allows you to see more than 700 000 Data Company in 365 commercial activity. The most important features of the site are:

  • A comprehensive guide to all companies in Egypt.
  • 700 000 Data Company in 365 commercial activity.
  • More than 10 million visitors annually about 50 million pages browsed per year.

Who are the visitors of 140Online site?

140Online.com being characterized by a special site of all products and services within Egypt and therefore the site users are whom interested in the process of buying and selling, Moreover that more than of 65% of site visitors are new victors.

The benefits from using 140 Online?

  • A strong tool that make the selling procedures very easy, professional and successful.
  • A very unique bridge between the Advertiser and Customers. 140 Online calls all the Egyptian companies for the inclusion of their names, addresses and telephone numbers under your company's rating in 140Online guide to support us to attract new customers.

140online services

Benefits Of 140online

Visibility placement

The order of appearance is the most important services in 140 Online; since the arrangement greatly affects how much appearing in new customers who are looking at your company or your products.

Your placement visibility on 140 Online depends on the value of your investment in keywords and your visual basic information


Words related to your company a category , your services and products being searched for in our website.

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Our mission is maximize utilization of E – Commerce services in the Egyptian Market.

Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful tools in E-Marketing for its fast impact quick reach and it's steady impact overtime; as it build up reach over the time and maximize your ROI and achieving target.

Social media management is your future of the customer satisfaction as it helps you in creating meaningful relationships with your customers, helps you to create sales leads, also it allows you to receive instant feedback from your perspective customer.

YouTube is an amazing E-Marketing platform as Alexa ranks YouTube as the second highest trafficked site globally. What this means is that when you market your products and services through YouTube videos ADS, can reach a huge number of viewers in a month. Also it allows you to optimize your videos with keywords.

Google Adward campaigns is a very effective platform in the E- Marketing as it's a voice to build awareness rapidly and reach on engagement audience who have choose to interact and are more likely to consider your brand.

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140 Online Media is a creative advertising firm ; we implement our experience to embraced the new & the un expected as the rules of advertising design ;marketing keep changing from time to time, that allow us to rich rewarded our customers and promote their good’s & services.


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